Documentation & Code

High Level Architecture

Orca.js contains JavaScript code that can be easily incorporated into any web application to enable real time communication. At runtime, the generic code for the call control API is downloaded to the browser, along with transport libraries tailored to the individual service provider’s network. This allows applications to be written once, and run in any ORCA-compliant service provider network.

ORCA allows application developers to take advantage of call control and addressing capabilities built into modern service provider networks, without requiring expertise in IMS call control. In fact, the application developer may not even realize that IMS call control functions are being invoked.


Orca.js API Specification Code

The Open Source orca.js API is defined in the orca.js repository on GitHub. This repository only contains the specification of the API and does not implement an operational service. It is primarily relevant to application developers who wish to inspect the API in detail or developers of transport libraries. The API specification code includes comments in jsdoc format.

Orca.js Reflector SDK

The Open Source orca.js Reflector SDK is available in the reflector repository on GitHub. The reflector SDK contains a simple ORCA service built on node.js which can be installed in a local environment for developing and testing applications. The SDK provides an operational transport library which is compatible with the reflector service. The SDK also includes a simple one-page application which can be used to test the reflector operation and illustrates how to use the API.

Note that the reflector service and transport libraries are intended for testing purposes only and do not include security features that would be needed for public deployment.

Orca.js Matrix Transport Library

Matrix is an open standard for decentralized communication over a federation of servers.A demo quality Transport Library and SDK supporting the orca.js API over the Matrix system is available on GitHub. This library allows two ORCA endpoints to communicate on the Internet using Matrix to handle signalling delivery and reliability.


ORCA Blue Cove Demo

The ORCA Blue Cove Demo is a complete demonstration application showing the value of adding Real Time Communication (RTC) to a web site and the value of using the orca.js API to decouple application code from the underlying RTC infrastructure. The demo shows full portability of the application over different transport libraries.  Both the Reflector and Matrix transport libraries are supported with no code changes to the RTC application.

This video shows the Blue Cove Demo running over the Matrix transport library.