I thought the whole idea behind WebRTC was to provide everything I need to add real-time communications to my web applications. Why do I need ORCA?

WebRTC is concerned with adding support for real-time communications to web browsers, and with providing the APIs for applications to access that real-time communication capability. WebRTC does not specify the signaling between browsers, or how to implement advanced features like call forwarding and conferencing. Orca.js is designed to work with WebRTC capable browsers, and to leverage service provider capabilities to add the functionality that WebRTC does not provide. Together, WebRTC + ORCA help application developers realize the full potential of HTML5.

It sounds like there is a different solution for each service provider. How does that make my life easier?

The orca.js code that is embedded in web applications is common to all service providers. The transport libraries are technically different for each carrier, but these are downloaded into the application at runtime, and are effectively invisible to the end-user. As long as your local service provider supports ORCA, your applications will work with their network. If your local service provider doesn’t support ORCA, suggest they visit www.orcajs.org to learn why they should.

Can I prototype implementing an application using the orca.js API?

Yes, the orca.js Reflector SDK allows developers to prototype and test functionality before they use a full end to end solution. This implementation is available in the GitHub repository to download and configure. Go to "Documentation & Code" for more information.

Is the code in GitHub ready to run a WebRTC service?

No. orca.js is an interface definition rather than a full implementation. In order to run a service, a supporting implementation library is required and the corresponding server deployment needs to be accessible. The orca.js Reflector SDK contains an operational service that is suitable for testing and development but is not intended to support a public WebRTC service.